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Rapid Mixer Granulators operates at a low cost coupled with high productivity and is designed in a manner to achieve perfect mixing & consistent granules. Due to its Excellent mixing & close control over the size of granules leads to faster speed in tableting along with superior quality and minimal rejections. It meets special needs of tablet manufacturing technology by reducing processing time, homogenous mixing, uniformity of size and above all maintaining improved hygiene compliant to GMP norm 

Rapid Mixer Granulator Machine consists of various parts i.e. Mixing Bowl, Mixing Blades, Granulator, Pneumatic Discharge, Motor, Gear Box, Operating Panel and the Control Panel.





• Capacity 25 Ltrs to 1000 Ltrs

• Dual Speed Impeller And Chopper

• Suitable For Efficient & Fast Mixing Of Granulation Of Ingredients

• Material Handling System Is Provided For Loading Of Material

• CIP System Will Be Provided With Pump As Optional

• M.O.C. S.S. 304/316/316L

•Consistant Quality In Each Batch

• Fully Hygienic Mixing.

• Option - Arrangement For Binding Spray.

• Machine With PLC System As An Optional

• CGMP Model With Documentation




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