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Octagonal Blender is an efficient and versatile blending machine for mixing and lubrication process of dry granules homogeneously. Two third of the volume of the Blender is filled to ensure proper mixing. Octagonal Blender gives the best result for granules due to very slow speed and octagon shape of the container.

Octagonal blender is mainly suitable for Crystalline & Granular type material. This type of material gets sufficient continuous movement due to their shape if container have only slow movement and will result in good quality of blending/lubrication of granules Salient

Suitable for dry mixing of products in granule form. Easy for loading and unloading of material. Easy for cleaning. The octagonal shape & slow speed of rotating gives sufficient continuous movement to the granules, result in good quality.





• Suitable For Quick And Efficient Mixing For A Complete Range Of Powders, Particulate And Granular Materials.

• Homogeneous Mix. Gentle Tumbling Action With A Specially Designed Baffle.

• Easy Charging Of Materials Through S.S. Bins.

• Capacity - 20 Ltrs. to 4000 Ltrs

• MOC - S.S. 304/ 316/ 316 L

• Shape Of Container - Polygon Shaped Frustum.

• S.S. Octagon Type Body With Rectangular Central Portion Top And Circular Bottom With A Butterfly Valve.

• CGMP Model With Documentation




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