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Homogenizing is a process of combining various substance to obtain a mixture of uniform consistency (Homogeneous). A Homogenizer is equipment used to break down the solid partials in a solution into very fine size to achieve a Homogeneous solution.it consists of a blade mounted on a motor shaft rotating at high speeds. Depending on the application (stirring/homogenization/mixing). We provide various type of blades to serve the required purpose.

We offer three variants of Homogenizers based on the position of mounting, namely, Bottom entry Homogenizer, Top entry Homogenizer and Inline Homogenizer.

Homogenizer/emulsifier is advanced and highly efficient homogenizers and emulsifiers for mixing, suspending, milling, dispersing and disintegrating solids. The homogenizer comprises stator and rotor assembly, with rotor rotating inside the stator assembly. Mixing capacities may vary according to the process, material, viscosity and shape of vessel.





• It can be directly mounted on the vessel or can be on a separate movable stand

• Rotor shaft is directly coupled to electric motor

• Shaft sealing is done by Mechanical Seal.

• The connections are provided in such a way that samples can take on line, without breaking the vacuum or interrupting the manufacturing.

• Thermocouple provided for the product temp. in the circulation line from the Homogenizer plus a Cone provided for last minute addition if any without breaking the vacuum.

• Finished products can be transferred to the storage Tank- Lode pump not required.

• All contact part in S 316 & non-contact in SS 304.

• Hydraulic Power Pack: is provided complete with a tank for oil, pump with Spl. Valve & Flow control valves with Motor.

• Sizes available: 0. 5 HP to 15 HP




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