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Fluid bed dryer is a process unit for preparation of granulated materials for solid dosage forms in batch and continuous batch operations. The system is applied for drying, agglomerations and top spraying upon fluidized bed. Fluid Bed Dryer is designed and manufactured in various capacities & batch sizes.

We provide several options that can be supplied with Fluid Bed Dryer if opted such as Inflatable tubes, PLC automation control, AC Variator for blower, WIP CIP system, pneumatic damper on ducts, polish filter, Scrubber on discharge, steam fittings if steam heater, electrical heater, chilling coil, solid flow monitors, Top spray arrangement with holding tank and peristaltic pump, EX rated FLP construction etc.







• Very Versatile Process Equipment For Uniform And Efficient Drying Of Products.

• Fully Automatic Operation Based on PLC Control / Without PLC Control

• Minimum Handling And More Hygienic

• Lifting & Tilting Device Of Product Container For Easy Handling

• Capacity Available From 5 Kgs to 500 Kgs.

• FLP Models Available As Option

• MOC S.S. 304/ 316/ 316L

• Option - Steam Heated Or Electric Heated Blower

• CGMP Model With Documentation (IQ, DQ, PQ, OQ) - As Option.




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