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Zero Hold-Up / Sparkler Type Filter Press consist of Stainless Steel Shell & Top cover using bolts to give pressure tight enclosure. The filter cartridge assembly inside the shell consists of several horizontally arranged disc type filter plates with perforated supporting screens, filter media & interlocking cups. The entire assembly completes with pump & piping connection, is mounted on a suitable S.S. Trolley.

Zero Hold-Up: The Cartridge assembly consists of plates, perforated screens, spacers and filter media. Interlocking spacers internally form single pipeline. The unfiltered liquid is centrally fed under pressure from bottom inlet. The liquids spreads out equally on each plate fitted with filter media. Solids remain on filter media and clear. Filtrate flows through precisely made holes on sides of plates and collects in the shell, which then come out through the outlet. In this process, solids are evenly distributed on each plate. The cake is then cleaned from the filter material and used again for filtration process





• Available model 8", 14" , 18", 24" & 33".

• Complete filtration of the batch without any hold up due to reverse flow of liquid, making it cost efficient and time saving

• The cake, filtered & solid remain totally enclosed allowing filtration of toxic, hazardous, and explosive fluid.

•Total access for fast cartridge removal and cleaning filter press machine

• Pressure gauge, safety valve & air vent provided to ensure safe operation.

• No contamination of internal surface of shell.

•Centrifugal / Gear / Lobe pumps can be offered, which can also be used for liquid transfer

• MOC SS 304/316/316L.




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